Thanks for stopping by my place on the web.

If you accidentally stopped here, I am a humorist, motivational speaker and author who also happens to be an undertaker. The undertaker thing has been going on pretty much all my life. The humorist and motivational speaker thing has been going on for the last fifteen years or so. My goodness I have been in front of a lot of folks the last fifteen years.

In 2005, I wrote and released a book entitled, “View from a Hearse – Lighten Up!” If you haven’t read it, I am confident it will make you laugh and maybe even think a little. You can click on the link and find out more about it and even order one or two if you want. You will also find information about ordering a recording of one of my presentations.

My latest book, “The Legacy of Eulan Brown,” was just released and is ready for shipment. You can read more about it and even read some of the comments people are making about the it. Click on the link to place your order.  I believe you will enjoy my stories and will be inspired to live a little differently.


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