Here are some clips from Bruce's talk.  Hope you enjoy them.  Keep scrolling down.
A Little Town Called Reynolds
World Ain't Gonna Stop
People Live A Long Time
Bruce has a wonderful presentation that weaves in critical life lessons amongst pearls of humor.  You can hear him by clinking the following links:
  • Everyone asks Bruce how he became a humorist/funeral director.  Hear what he has to say about his ventures into public speaking--"Folks Live a Long Time."
  • Bruce loves to blend in stories about his hometown, Reynolds, GA.  Did you know that automobile hood ornaments were invented in Reynolds--"Hood Decorations?"
  • One of the lessons from the country undertaker is that the "world is not going to stop when you die."  We all feel important, but Bruce reminds us that life will continue on for everyone else and the will be just fine--"World Won't Stop."


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