What started out as such a simple request, "Hey Bruce, will you come and tell some of your stories at the Annual Christmas Banquet for the Taylor County Ministerial Association?" has turned Bruce Goddard into an in demand speaker.  As Bruce says, "It still amazes me how many invitations I get to speak.  I have spoken to every group you can imagine -- from civic clubs to national conventions, from church groups to a room full of drunks -- from family night suppers to sales rallies -- from nursing homes to corporate American.  I never did any marketing for these speaking engagements.  I just speak at one place and someone from that crowd asks me to speak at the next place."

Well, it finally dawned on Bruce that as many people kept asking him to speak, they must like what he was saying, so he decided that he ought to write a book.  Of course, he had never written a book before, but he had never spoken publicly until he found himself in front of a small county ministerial association one day.

The result is "View From A Hearse."  This is a story about life at its very best.  It is a story about incredible parents, incredible family, incredible people, and an incredible community.  It is also about an incredible profession.  But more than anything, it is a story of an incredible God who has proven himself over and over to us all.

Oh, you should also know, "View From A Hearse" is funny. According to Ed Grisamore of the Macon Telegraph -- "I didn't laugh . . . I howled.  My side split.  My eyes watered.  I learned never to be chewing on your casserole when reading one of Bruce's funny stories."


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